Thanks to everyone who filled in the Keyworth Village Plan Survey.

Over 1,700 surveys were completed from 3,020 households a massive 55% return! This far exceeded any expectations.

Without doubt, the results truly reflect the opinions and views of the residents of Keyworth.

So a big thank you to everyone who filled in the Survey.

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Keyworth Village Design Statement

View the Keyworth Village Design Statement.

The Keyworth Village Design Statement 2011 is available in PDF format. Please be aware this is quite a large file so may take a while to download! It is over 45 MB. Copies of the Design Statement may be viewed in Keyworth Library and Keyworth Parish Council offices.


The Keyworth Village Design Statement (VDS) was published in December 2011. It is a practical tool to help influence decisions on design and development within the village. It provides a clear statement on the physical character of Keyworth and presents a series of Guidelines against which planning applications may be assessed. The VDS is not about whether development should take place, but how development should be undertaken so as to respect our local identity.

Just one month before the VDS was published, the Government’s Localism Bill was introduced. This Bill promises new rights and powers which will allow local communities to shape new development through the production of Neighbourhood Plans. Keyworth Parish Council is leading on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for Keyworth. This will help set the scene for housing growth in and around the village during the next fifteen years. The VDS will provide some important points for consideration in relation to the impact of new development on its immediate neighbourhood and the wider village area, including the Green Belt.